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I wish..

He would just notice it whenever we talk.

July’s Kpop comebacks.

BEAST & Infinite? First love vs. Current love. OMG! I CANNOT!

To Junho, his songs are popular.

Jun.K:So far, we're quite in sync. What's yours?
Junho:The question was, what is 2PM's most popular song, right? It'd be my creation, of course, Give It To Me.
Chansung:*Bursts into laughter*
Junho:*Sings a part from his song*
Taecyeon:How could you write down that song?! You have to think what song made 2PM popular. What is the current popular 2PM song?
Jun.K:Give It To Me.

A Thai Prince's cute anger.

Junho:So, today's MC is Taecyeon.
Nickhun:AGAIN?! We should give Junsu a chance.
Taecyeon:No, you passed the MC roll to me during the first episode.
Nickhun:That's why...
Taecyeon:Why are mad at me for?
Nickhun:%^&*@#$ Obobobo...

I wish..

I had a picture with my crush.

Sunggyu's "Pants' story".

Sunggyu:I will wear them, Really.
Dongwoo:Usually, an owner wants to hold on to things.
Sunggyu:These pants have a story. They are very meaningful to me. Don't throw them away.
Dongwoo:Don't lie! I saw you buying them of the Internet!

When Dongwoo doesn't listen properly.

Dongwoo:*Taking Sunggyu's clothes*
Sunggyu:Yah! What are you doing? Come here, come here. Why are you throwing them out?
Dongwoo:You told me to.
Sunggyu:No, I didn't! Why would I say that? This is really expensive! Actually it's not expensive, but I said my noona gave this to me.
Dongwoo:You said to throw them away.
Sunggyu:I told you to hold on to them, not throw them away.


Sunggyu:How much did you spend?
Woohyun:Not much. Was it 100,000 won? Uhh, around 120,000 won?
Woohyun:130,000 won? 140,000 won?

I am _hobard and _hobard is me.

HoJong moments!

Sungjong:Hoya hyung, are you guarding (the house) well?
Hoya:Am I a puppy?
Sungjong:Ah, no no no..

GrandpaGyu's tiredness.

Woohyun:Where did Sunggyu go?
Sunggyu:*Left his dongsaengs to get some rest*
Woohyun:Hyung, you're sitting here? You can't sit here.
Sunggyu:I'm really going to die soon.
Sungyeol:*Points at Sunggyu and laughs* This is really funny.

N & Ken moments!

N:Ken, take off your backpack. It's so frustrating.
Ken:It's stuck on (me)...
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